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Movement building at a global scale is a Herculean task and the Global Queer Desi Project is attempting to take a small step towards creating a coherent dialogue among queer South Asians in the on the sub-continent and the diaspora. The site will feature resources that aim to break isolation for queer South Asians in the diaspora as well as share resources and provide support across borders within the region and across the world. This blog has essentially come out of the need in the diaspora for a one stop destination for information and resources pertaining to queer issues. As we continue to build this blog into a viable website, we hope that our visitors contribute to the blog’s growth into a channel where everything that is concurrent and relevant for South Asians across the world can be found here.

There is a lot that can be said about the exciting models of queer leadership emerging out of South Asia, as South Asian organizations worldwide continue to organize, grow and learn. The Project has come into fruition thanks to the efforts of queer South Asian activists worldwide and this forum is an open space to educate, debate, inform and take the movement forward. We are thrilled to work with emerging voices and share a platform for new thoughts.

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