Yoda Press’ Sexuality Series

Complete listing at: http://yodapress.com/Sexuality.html

General Editor: Gautam Bhan is the General Editor of the new Sexualities Series announced by YODA PRESS. He is an activist for queer and gender rights, and is based in Delhi. He has worked most extensively with PRISM, a sexuality rights advocacy group, and the Nigah Media Collective, which uses different forms of media to voice issues relating to gender and sexuality.

Sexualities is an inter-disciplinary series that seeks to understand the many ways in which we experience, live and understand gender and sexuality in our lives. The series takes an intersectional approach as the basis of its understanding of sexuality, seeing it as inextricably linked with the politics of class, caste, religion, language, and location in contemporary India. It hopes to publish critical thinking on issues of gender and sexuality, especially works that challenge dominant paradigms and introduce new axes of understanding and visualisation. Topics of interest include, but are not limited to: bodies, sexuality and development, gender, sexuality and livelihoods, sexuality and urban space, sex work, homosexuality, queer politics, erotica and pornography, sexual aesthetics, identity politics, constructions of gender, body image, public culture on sexuality, sexuality and art etc.

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