The Presidential Race Should Matter To You

By: Monica Davis

Laurence Watts’ article, Gay Rights and the US Supreme Court, does a good job of explaining why the upcoming presidential election is important to those individuals who care about marriage equality. According the US Census, of the 8,246,000 Asian US citizens eligible to vote, only 2,615,000 Asians reported voting. This is a pathetic 31.7%! (1) Further, this statistic does not segregate the number of South Asians who are a small sub-section of the group, nor does the statistic address the even smaller ratio of queer south asians. For members of our community, politics can be integral in shaping policies that effect our everyday life. We may make up a small percentage of the voting population but it is important to make your voice heard to ensure that policies that are enacted reflect your viewpoints. Take a moment to register to vote

(1) The total of US citizens eligible to vote is listed as 210,800,000

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2 Responses to The Presidential Race Should Matter To You

  1. mads says:

    Have there been any studies that quantify the impact of language and access barriers on the number cited?

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