Sh*t Straight Desis Say to Queer Desis

By Shri

You knew this was coming!

This list is from a Gay man’s perspective. I am sure there are tons of other (ignorant) things that straight Desis say to their Queer woman friends and transgender friends. Please leave a comment if you don’t see the things you have heard in this list. We would love to hear from you!

1) But why should you tell your parents? They don’t need this in their old age.

2) If Aishwaraya Rai were naked, you still wouldn’t get an erection?

3) You could dedicate your life to social service. Look at Abdul Kalam, Vajpayee..

4) This is what happens when you move to the US, man!

5) So you don’t have a penis?

6) How do you know you are Gay if you have never been with a girl?

7) Dude, who you are sleeping with is none of my business.

8) I would love to have you and your BF over, but we have kids.

9) So, which one of you is the man?

10) You can still marry a woman, can’t you?

11) Marry a Lesbian! (Hat tip: Harsha)

12) If you really like him, why can’t you just be friends? Why Gay?

13) Potluck with your Gay friends? Man, are you having an orgy?

14) Does that hurt?

15) Well, you can take care of your parents. They are your family too. Why do you need a boyfriend?

16) I can come to your party. But please tell your Gay friends, I am straight. I don’t want them hitting on me.

17) Think of your old age man. (Hat Tip: Dpnwata)

About the Author: Shri is an editor at, blogger and writes Tamil fiction for Thendral and Thinnai magazines. You can follow him on Twitter: @ShriSadasivan.

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4 Responses to Sh*t Straight Desis Say to Queer Desis

  1. Shri says:

    Though some of the things mentioned here are directed at all Queer Desis, this list is mainly from a Gay man’s perspective. LBT folks are welcome to post their list as comments on this post or as a separate post.

  2. isaiswasan says:

    This is no big issue. you can easily overcome it. come you can do it!

  3. isaiswasan says:

    You have to get married to a girl for your parents’ sake.

  4. isaiswasan says:

    machi, this is not very practical da

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