Movement building at a global scale is a Herculean task and the Global Queer Desi Project is attempting to take a small step towards creating a coherent dialogue among queer South Asians in the on the sub-continent and the diaspora. This site featurea resources that aim to break isolation for queer South Asians in the diaspora as well as share resources and provide support across borders within the region and across the world.

This blog has essentially come out of the need in the diaspora for a one stop destination for information and resources pertaining to queer issues. As we continue to build this blog into a viable website, we hope that our visitors will contribute to the blog’s growth into a channel where everything that is concurrent and relevant for South Asians across the world can be found here.

Some exciting things to check out:

  • a comprehensive bibliography
  • a comprehensive filmography
  • listings of active South Asian queer groups across the subcontinent and diaspora
  • RSS feeds and links to publications

If you are interested in being a part of this project, please do contact us via the Contribute page.

Trikone Advocacy and QPIRG McGill

**Carrots grow twisted, gnarled, forked, hairy and multicoloured in natural settings. Corporate carrots are painstakingly straightened for nothing, but aesthetic purposes. Sound familiar?


12 Responses to About

  1. Omky says:

    Hi, I am Omky & started LGBT group called `Prayatna’ almost a year back in Pune. The group mainly focuses on the issues faced by queer community. The group arranges monthly discussion forums,picnics,interviews & open discussions with experienced personalities that contributes to queer movement & movie screenings. Detail are as below:

  2. hadihussain says:

    I am a Pakistani queer blogger as well as LGBTQI rights activist. Heard about your initiative from a friend of mine and thought of being part of it. I blog at . I cant add you somehow but I have a link at the right side of my blog so you can add me. Looking forward to join hands with you guys.

  3. Mary Bisbee-Beek says:

    Please consider adding Jamali Kamali by Karen Chase (Mapin Publishing) to your book resource list.

  4. Thank you! This is a brave and necessary effort. Bravo.

  5. Huzzah!

    I’m a queer Bangladeshi-Malaysian currently based in Australia. I do performance art, production, media, writing, and all sorts of random things and my work often relates to the clashes between sexuality and culture (amongst others). I’m also quite involved in the sex-positive/erotic performance world (mostly burlesque, but I’ve done other things too) and have been interested in how it’s like to be a South Asian in this world, where we’re highly underrepresented.

    Feel free to look through my blog & videos and republish whatever you feel like, with credit (they’re all CC licensed).

    let me know if there are other ways I can be of assistance 🙂

  6. shiva subbaraman says:

    What a wonderful effort, and thanks so much for undertaking to do this. Shall send you an offline email too with some of my thoughts. But much needed, and fantastic idea. Thank you. We need this. –a south indian queer desi–a “madisaar dyke” as I call myself!

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