Bangladesh Celebrates International Day Against Homophobia (IDAHO)

By Tanvir Alim

Boys of Bangladesh’ celebrated IDAHO with an interactive discussion with the civil society

In cooperation with Alliance Français de Dhaka, Boys of Bangladesh has organized a film program and discussion on IDAHO to celebrate unity in spirit and diversity in expressions. The program started with a small welcome note from the deputy director of French Courses and Training M. Jérôme Charbonneau. Later it offered a French film “You will get over it” directed by Fabrice Cazeneuve which was released in 2002. The screening followed an interactive discussion on why gay community is so stigmatized, and why there is this culture of collective denial.
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Obama’s endorsement of same sex marriage is music to my ears


Photo credit: (accessed 5/9/12)

It gave me chills to hear President Obama say that he personally affirms the idea that same sex couples should be able to get married. To have someone in such an influential political position recognize the importance of LGBT equal rights gives credence to the idea. President Obama has been the strongest presidential ally to the LGBT community. During his current term, the President struck down Don’t Ask Don’t Tell and instructed the Department of Justice to stop enforcing the discriminatory Defense of Marriage Act. Within the last few years, there has been such a strong shift in public opinion toward acceptance of the LGBT community. To have the President of the United States acknowledge that civil unions are not the same as marriage is truly historic. President Obama’s genuine realization that members of the LGBT community deserve legitimacy, dignity, and recognition is refreshing. I could not have envisioned such rapid progress in the perception of LGBT rights. It makes me hopeful. 


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President Obama comes out in support of marriage equality

May 9th, 2012

For immediate release


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Call for photographs and art entries – Chennai, June 2012 Pride event

As part of Chennai Queer Film Festival June 15-17 2012, local
collectives Chennai Dost and Orinam are conducting a photography and
art exhibition in partnership with Goethe Institute/ Max Mueller
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Queering Asian Heritage Month

-By Rachna

Yesterday at a monthly staff meeting a group of co-workers made a presentation for South
Asian Heritage Month. Every time I hear the phrase “South Asian Heritage Month” I feel my normally-low blood pressure rise. Continue reading

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Without any window of his own/Bangladesh

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Chris Cuomo’s Dharun Ravi interview round up

By Shri

Dharun Ravi’s legal team is on a mission! After the 15 count guilty verdict and an imminent threat of imprisonment and possible deportation, they want to sway public opinion in his favor and influence his sentencing. What other way to do it than a series of media appearances explaining “Dharun’s side” of the story?

I am not a Dharun Ravi hater. I believe Dharun’s sentence should be minimal and symbolic. I don’t think he deserves jail time like murders and rapists. I also don’t blame Dharun for Tyler’s suicide. Having said that, I also believe he is guilty of invasion of privacy, bias intimidation and evidence tampering.

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